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I'm a thirty something displaced single mom. Displaced because I sometimes wonder how I got here... I am generally happy. I try to be real, and honest about my thoughts and feelings. I like to think there is a method to my madness.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Some time now...

I haven't written at all in some time. I have mostly been deep in thought, or deep in shit. Not to say things have been all bad. I have had a whole year with my son, which nothing would ever make up for. I've had some lovely adventures, lessons, a breif affair even. I think i have began and ended another chapter in life. This leads me to turn to words that I can't seem to utter or haven't an ear in the moment. Not that I always need to be heard. I digress...
I think I ought to change the title of this blog. I realize there is so much more than just my son and I, that is happening in the world, in my world.
I have much to catch up on, we shall see what comes.

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