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I'm a thirty something displaced single mom. Displaced because I sometimes wonder how I got here... I am generally happy. I try to be real, and honest about my thoughts and feelings. I like to think there is a method to my madness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The first time

So I promised myself I would write a blog, before I left California in Oct. of 2007. My friend S.S. suggested it and said that she wished she had done it when her oldest was still a baby. Well motherhood is a 24 hour job I have since discovered, and now that Iggy is 18 months I find a few moments here and there to do just such a thing. I am sure I will circle back to the last 2+ years, and maybe further. For now I hope to recount some special moments, and various events and thoughts.
Tonight I gave Iggy his first barrel of monkeys, he was instantly delighted and it never ceases to amaze me how the simplest toys win every time. We played with the monkeys for almost a half and hour happily, just after dinner. Dinner also was special, he had his first grilled cheese with tomato soup and used an adult spoon by himself. Surprisingly, he did really well, and loved it. Its so interesting watching a person learn about the world. He has taught me so much, and it is true that you appreciate more things about your parents when you become a parent as well. I still have a whole world ahead of me and it still seems like a lifetime since, I was not a mother. Life has changed so dramatically!
Just to catch you up a bit, I am now living in Colorado had have been for almost 2 years. My world in that time has turned upside down and fortunately, still, right side up too. Days of baby coo's and first foods, diapers and depression, crawling, walking, and some talking, whatever you can think of in between. Its constant and ever changing and beautiful . He recently learned how to take off his diaper, and pick his nose as well as a couple other bad habits within 48 hours time. He is a boy all right, but he's my boy. We spend much time simply cuddling with a book or for some good conversation. He's busy as can be though so these moments are indeed momentary at times. I have attached a recent photo, he loves pop cycles and it helps keep the teething pain slightly bearable.
Since I have been here I have reconnected with family and life long friends. I could not have made it, or survive without my mom, and family, as well as T, C, J, L, A, and K. More later....


  1. it's all about those wonderful little moments, isn't it?!
    take all the pictures you can and maybe there will be a nap sometime that'll give you time to write :D you are missed back in sf, lots of love to you both

  2. I am happy that you seem so abel, and content. both Iggy, and you deserve happiness. him because it is fair, and you because you have earned it. for as long as we have known each other, I have always felt that you were a special person, a person who will live life, roll with the punches, and do the right thing.
    I hope that one of these days, we will see one another again, because I am sad that I didn't get to see you, and meet iggy, when you visited. and I want you to know, because I didnt get to tell you in person, that you, and Iggy, will forever have a friend in me.